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Rocking Wall Design

Introduction to Rocking Structures

The software presented here is illustrative software to implement the ideas that emerged from a research project into rocking wall design. It is designed to provide a rocking wall designer with information to determine the appropriate design parameters for a rocking wall installation. For background information about the principles behind the software, and about the software itself, please read the paper, Quasi-static Analysis of Rocking Wall Systems.

Paper appendices: A: Data for Benchmark Buildings, B: An Example MATLAB Code to Determine the Stiffness Matrix of a Discretized Building-Rocking Wall System, C: Generation of Benchmark Buildings

Given some basic data about a structure and its location, the software will:

The software provides information about a structure which is useful for structural engineers even if they are not designing a rocking wall installation.

Want to test it out? There is a button to generate example values at the bottom of the applet.



NB: The flexibility matrix generated by this software is in the top-node-1 format, so the 1st element of your load and displacement vectors represents the load and displacement at the top floor. This is unlike the paper, which uses the top-node-N convention.


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